Nina Hartley, Porn Star & Sex Educator

Nina Hartley is an American porn actress, porn film director, sex educator, sex-positive feminist, and author. She was born Marie Louise Hartman on March 11, 1959.

After graduating from Berkeley High School in 1977, Nina attended San Francisco State University’s undergraduate school of nursing and graduated in 1985. Her career in the adult-entertainment industry began while she was in her sophomore year of nursing school, when she started work as a stripper at the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theater in San Francisco.

Nina’s adult-film debut came in “Educating Nina” (1984), which was produced and directed by veteran porn star Juliet Anderson, better known as “Aunt Peg.” She had a role in the 1997 film “Boogie Nights,” playing William H. Macy’s serially unfaithful wife, and she appeared in the 1996 Canadian film “Bubbles Galore.” Nina also appeared in late rapper Tupac Shakur’s music video for his 1996 single, “How Do U Want It.”

A living legend in the adult film industry with a career spanning over three decades, Nina was entered into the Hall of Fame of Legends of Erotica in 1994 and won the Fanny Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. While still active in the adult film industry, she predominantly plays roles in films in the mature niche. Nina has written several books, most recently, “Nina Hartley’s Guide To Total Sex.”

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Nina Hartley’s Guide To Total Sex, by Nina Hartley with I. S. Levine

How To Be Kinkier: More Adventures In Adult Playtime, by Nina Hartley

The Rattle Of The Bulge

The Citizen is coming. The Citizen is coming. Jesus. Jesus. Give me a cigarette. That’s because on this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels,” The Citizen speaks loosely, honestly, and openly to your orgasmic delight (and his) with porn star and sex educator, Nina Hartley. It’s an hour of slap and tickle, bump and grind, love, lust and everything in between. Nina Hartley and The Citizen recorded this episode of “I Am Citizen Abels” on July 15, 2016.

Remember, as The Citizen always tells you to do, take your top off, your pants, your panties, your jock strap, and your socks, and sit back and enjoy yourself, your private parts, and his special guest, Nina Hartley. Listen to them as they both do what they do best – pretend they don’t want to jump everyone’s bones.

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Audio Clips Used In This Episode

1. Brother Theodore, comedy monologue, “Quadrupedism”

2. Russell Brand, episode 261 podcast monologue, “50 Shades – Has Porn Ruined My Chance of a Happy Marriage?”

3. Scene from the movie, “Boogie Nights,” with Bill Macy and Nina Hartley

4. An Alabama preacher rants about the evils of sex

5. Nina Hartley interview by KarenLee Poter on her podcast

6. Hugh Hefner interview by William F. Buckley on “Firing Line”

7. Gilbert Gottfried reading from “50 Shades of Gray”

8. The Rolling Stones, “Shattered”

9. Richard Pryor in a live performance of a monologue about fucking

10. Anais Nin interview by Studs Terkel

11. Richard Kristy in a “Brother Mark” prank phone call on The Howard Stern Show

12. Scene from “True Detective: Season 2,” with Rachel McAdams

13. “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” written and performed by Bob Dylan on the album, “Bringing It All Back Home”

14. “Take Me With U,” written and performed by Prince on the album, “Purple Rain”

Text Of This Episode’s Introduction And Closing Thoughts

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